Not a Panacea

Still maintaining the dose of THC for night.  Increased my dose of CBD yesterday throughout the day. I went to a movie on Sunday afternoon and theatre seats flare me up. I had hoped that I would get through the movie unscathed by rotating sitting and standing, but for whatever reason some nerves are irritated on my left side.  This tumbled into difficulties with sleep due to left hip pain.

I increased the CBD by 3/4 of a teaspoon throughout the day yesterday, which helped enormously.

I am trying to remember that the cannabis is not a panacea and that my nerve issues are still there.  I still need to pace, sit for short periods, move in a healthy way, stay close to anything I am lifting, engage my core while rolling over in bed and getting in and out of chairs and all the other things which I am doing to stay mobile!

I am still thrilled that I have more energy because I have less pain, thanks to cannabis.

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