Beginnings with Medical Marijuana

I thought I would add the steps I went through to find the right strain and dose of the medical marijuana for my particular form of nerve pain.

I am ordering from a company called “Mettrum”.  The first 15 grams I ordered was a 4:8 THC:CBD ratio.  I made oil with this and tried for several weeks to find a dose which worked for pain and didn’t make me high.  I tried one teaspoon in the morning, then a half teaspoon in the morning and at 1 or 2 pm.  This dose helped a bit with pain, but the high was unacceptable and made it hard to concentrate.   Ultimately, I found this strain ineffective because the dose I needed for pain also meant I was high for most of the afternoon.

After that, Mettrum came out with a 0.7%:13% THC:CBD ratio which I immediately ordered and which I am now taking.  They were also selling a 10% THC strain which I also purchased.

The higher CBD strain, which I am taking now, was very effective for my nerve pain.  I take 2 tsp. in the morning as well as 1/8 tsp. of the THC blend of 10%.  I am not high and feel like I have more energy during the day.  This one dose assists with pain relief until bedtime!

I am also experimenting with an Indica THC for sleep.  It has not be as effective as I would like…but, I am still experimenting with the dosing in the hopes that I can find a dose which helps me sleep right through the night.  Not there yet.

I’ll update when I have more experience with it.

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