Flare ups

Flare ups

Ok.  I’ll admit it.  What I really want, deep down, is for the end result of all the work, effort, and money which both my husband and myself have put into my health to be perfection.  No flare ups, no bad days, no PAIN.

Realistically, this is probably never going to be the outcome.  But, a girl can dream.

My last flare up lasted about 10 days culminating in the worst day yesterday.

Here’s how it started:

1.  Movie – left leg protests
2.  4 nights in 2 different beds – more left leg pain
3.  Long drive – more pain
4.  Walking on uneven ground – SI joint pain

After that, my angry back was not taking anything lying down!  This set up a chain of events which led to a lot of pain yesterday (8/10)

For whatever reason, the CBD just wasn’t cutting it yesterday, so I added 440 mg of naproxan (my favorite anti inflammatory) and an ice pack to the mix.

Much better today…cooked a new batch of CBD yesterday.  It is 19% as compared to the 13% of the last batch.  Pain Level 2/10 (I can live with that).

My physio therapist also did some “release” work on my left piriformis muscle.

Both the CBD and the physio did the trick.

Still learning and attempting to keep my expectations reasonable!  (and pacing of course!)

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