A walking celebration

Since I started this journey of pain, surgeries, drugs, procedure, I have often been “envious” when I watch people walk.  (OK, I’m admitting it.)  I wondered if people really know how lucky they are to walk with ease.

Since my last surgery it has taken over 2 years to finally walk without thinking about it.  I am actually “hoofing it” as they say.  Sometimes I am completely astonished at how fast I can walk, taking long strokes, without fear.  It is almost a surreal experience, like it is not really me walking so easily and quickly.  Walking is the most natural thing for humans and I now have a greater respect for all of the coordination it takes to walk with ease.

Celebrations are in order.  I am walking like a pro!!

I believe that part of this is due to having less pain as well as a great physio therapist.  I am still taking 40 mg of CBD every morning and this is taking the edge off the burning in my lower back.  I still need to be mindful, walking uphill is hard on my piriformis, but in general I am not “suffering” half as much as I was.

Sometimes I am so grateful that the tears come.

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