Trial by fire

Just coming out of organizing, teaching, coaching, supporting all the wonderful participants in my company’s opera program:  Opera From Scratch.

I was astonished and taken aback by the days when I was completely pain free.  I actually did a double take a few times.  Like, is this real?  Where did the pain go? It was wonderful and confusing at the same time.

So, yes, the CBD is, indeed, working but, it is not working all the time.  Terribly flared up today, the day after Opera From Scratch ends.   I am sure it is just from being overtired and moving in ways which upset my SI joints.

So. that was my trial by fire.  A week long of intense work without pain and the day after, pain.  But, I am still here and coping better with flare ups as they come.

Today I took about 60mg of CBD with a tiny bit of THC added and 2 naproxan and here I am on my heating pad resting.  Just what the doctor ordered.

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