It’s been awhile since I wrote.  I have been rehearsing for a new opera entitled Ghost Tango with libretto by Nova Scotia’s Douglas Burnet Smith and music by Montreal’s Tim Brady (read more at My voice is holding up really well and the work with director Anne-Marie Donovan is superb. Inhabiting this role as an imprisoned and tortured woman is an honor. My back situation has giving me insights into the pain and I am enjoying the process.

And…of course, in the first week of rehearsals I have the biggest flare up EVER! What to do? Well, I start by getting my prescription for tramacet refilled and hope this takes the edge off. I use a back brace which contains a heating pad during rehearsals.  My physio therapist comes into a rehearsals to ensure that my movements are ergonomic.

What I did not try, was increasing the CBD dosage.  Why I didn’t think of that when it first started is a mystery to me.  But, after increasing the dose to 3 x’s what I usually take, the results are promising.  I have less pain and am nearly comfortable!

People have remarked that I have been through a lot of trauma.  Funnily enough, this always surprises me.  I don’t think of all that I have gone through as trauma.  I think about what I can do about my situation for the most part.  I actually feel that the traumatic part of my story has been the treatment I have received from medical professionals.  THAT was traumatic.  Sad to say.  I still have scars from the way I was spoken to or handled by those who were charged to take care of me, not everyone, but enough, that I am still disturbed by it, even 3 – 4 years later. My Ecuadorian experience was much better and more nurturing than my Canadian hospitalizations.

I am moving forward…

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