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Recently I have started vaporizing Indica THC before bed to help with sleep.  I have had “sleep issues” for quite a few years and even though I was taking a couple of things to aid in getting asleep and keeping me there, I would wake up 5 – 10 times per night, unable to get a really good nights sleep.

I cooked a batch of Indica with coconut oil which never seemed to do the trick.  So, I went to a local vape shop and was told that vaping works much better for sleep than ingesting!  And…low and behold, he was right.   I take several drags along with less of what I had been taking (zopliclone / remeron) and sleep much better.  What is great is that if I wake up at night, I can take a few drags and go back to sleep.

The vaporizer I am using now is a Magic Launch Box.  I have learned to control the vape temperature (it is an art with this one), but find that I still cough a bit when using it.  So, I have just ordered a state of the art vaporizer called Elevape Smart Vaporizer.  It actually has a computer chip in it which reads the temperature of the vape as you draw 100 x’s per second and makes sure that it remains the same temp no matter how fast or slow you draw!

I ordered it on sale from a company in Florida called Smart-Vape.  Check it out here:

All that said, I have had little or no pain in the past several days and wonder if this could be from the anti-inflammatory / analgesic property of the THC??

I’ll post once I have used this one for a bit!

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